Welcome to NoCache.li

Why noCache.li:

With this bot, you will be able to overcome the discord cache feature for pictures or metadata by adding custom parameters to your URLs.

That means if you have a URL to a picture and you want it to be as live as possible like game server stats you can do it now.

Or if you have a link that metadata is changing like a menu of a restaurant or a top list you can have the metadata updating every 15 Minutes.

Example in my Discord under the Pavlov (cs like a game in VR) ServerState channel the URLs of the pictures getting changed every 15 minutes


1. Authorize the bot.

To confirm the parameters of the command use the tab key

Add commands with /createKeywords

Add messages to get edited after x time for x times: /createMessageEditTimed

Add messages after x time for x times: /createTimed

Show all timed edited messages: /showTimedEditMessage

Show all times messages:/showTimed

* Show all times messages: /showkeywords

Remove your command with: /removeKeywords name

Remove a specific timed edited message: /removeTimedEditMessage Id

Remove a specific timed message: /removeTimed Id

Use the bot to get the image with a randomized parameter for norma users as well: /get name


This bot only needs the read and write message permissions.

The users who need to use the add or remove commands also need the Admin permission.


Every 30 Messages ( Link, Image, URL no confirm messages etc.) that my bot sends to your server will include a donate message.

Premium does remove that behavior and the limit of 10 commands for 1 server.




Not Live: 8


0.0.2 Still in development and some comments are not quite ready!